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"Wildlife & Ecology Abound"

Located on the north western shores of Lake Victoria, Uganda offers excellent opportunities for wildlife and ecology safaris. It should be noted however that opportunities for cultural activities are limited. Parks and reserves are remote and rural towns are small agricultural communities, with little to offer visitors. Most Americans visit Uganda as an extension to a Kenya or Tanzania safari for the purpose of doing gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Bwindi is in the south west of the country, 250 miles from Kampala, on the border with The Congo, the park covers an area of over 200 sq miles. As the name dictates - this park is real African jungle area, with dense undergrowth, vines and a wide variety of flowers and aphrodisiac plants. Most visitors come to the park to catch a glimpse of the Mountain Gorillas, but the park is home to over 120 species of mammals, including chimpanzees, black & white colobus, blue monkey, bushpig, duiker, leopard, jackal and elephants in the south east of the park. There are also over 350 species of birds, 202 species of butterflies and over 200 species of trees found within the park.

The other popular wildlife park is Kibale National Park. Located in south central Uganda the park is home to the largest concentration of primates to be found in Africa, 14 different species including chimpanzee and colobus monkeys. Kibale has a well-established Chimpanzee-tracking program with a high success rate. Other primates that may be found on these guided walks include Guereza Colobus, Olive Baboon, Grey-cheeked Mangabey, L’Hoest’s Gentle ( Blue) and Red-tailed Monkeys is more likely to be found in open areas adjacent to the forest. You may find evidence of Elephant, Bush Pig and Bufallo along the trails, whilst Bushbuck, Blue, Harvey’s and Peter’s Duickers are other shy inhabitants of the forest interior. The guided night walks are also rewarding: Potto, Spectacled Demidoff’s and Thomas’s Galagos, Lord Derby’s Anomalure, African Civet and Common Genet are all possible.

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